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That's Democracy by Louis Kornfeld  


12 min    Play

A teacher gives his students a lesson about democracy that they'll never forget.

Homage To Switzerland by Ernest Hemingway  


22 min    Play

Three Americans wait at different Swiss station caf├ęs for the same train to take them back to Paris.

In The Stacks by Scott Lynch  


101 min    Play

Student magicians must try to make it through a most unusual magical library.

The Postmaster by Rabindranath Tagore  

Social Drama

25 min    Play

The story explores the fraught relationship between a postmaster stationed in the fictional Bengal village of Ulapur, and a servant girl, Ratan, who assists him with household work.

The Ghosts of Europa by Matt Dovey  

Science Fiction

21 min    Play

What makes you human? What is consciousness? This story will keep you trapped in a prison you make for yourself.

Six Jobs by Tim Pratt  


53 min    Play

Recruited for magical work at a young age, a girl moves from job to job.