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That's Democracy by Louis Kornfeld  


12 min    Play

A teacher gives his students a lesson about democracy that they'll never forget.

Report on Motherhood by Beth Henley  


11 min    Play

For a grammar school assignment a grand-daughter interviews her great-grandma on motherhood. She gets more than she bargained for. Way more.

Stockholm Syndrome by David Tallerman  


20 min    Play

This story takes place in a post-apocalyptic zombie-filled world, but the zombies are not the scary part.

Two Crows Apart by Max Baker  


21 min    Play

Unwanted house guests. A murder of crows. Is something brewing in the raw, early morning?

The Prairie Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld  

Social Drama

40 min    Play

A woman is obsessed with the Twitter feed of her former friend, a social-media celebrity known for her approachable evangelical religiosity, her homeschooling of her children, and down-home recipes.

The Philadelphia by David Ives  


15 min    Play

Ordering a sandwich is a challenge of epic proportions – let alone a beer.